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What’s going on in the world…..keeping TABS

Not being a digital native, sticK has a fair bit of a challenge keeping up with changes happening in the real and virtual worlds. Heck, my mobile phone’s a dumb one, and Facebook is constantly reminding me to check back … Continue reading

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Trees and bees the future for our hills?

Trees and bees may become the savior of hilly rural New Zealand…..why? Because down on the farm, or more precisely, way up on the farm, things aren’t as rosy as the boom in commodity prices would have people believe. There’s … Continue reading

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Hi-tech and creativity aimed at niche/niche a key to Kiwi future – Paul Callaghan

New Zealand is poor because it chooses to be poor according to Professor Sir Paul Callaghan, who packed out Te Papa’s Soundings Theatre last week.. The witty and amusing scientist, perhaps just as well known as being an excellent science … Continue reading

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There’s money in manuka honey, and trial aims to greatly increase it

There’s plenty of research on why manuka honey’s so useful from a medical and human health point of view. Equally we understand bees pretty well. The missing part of the puzzle, ironically, particularly as it is a plant that’s indigenous … Continue reading

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Milk defence mechanism looks for global play

Considering that a cow’s udder is a potential site of invasion for pathogens, it makes sense that nature’s provided some defence mechanisms in the milk itself to fight the microorganisms. Somewhat surprisingly, the full power of this suite of natural … Continue reading

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Who are you going to call……well, a scientist actually!

From an engagement and getting innovation out into wider business point of view, Industrial Research has been fronting footing it quite a bit in the past 18 months. The Crown Research Institute has continued its play of getting its ‘brains’ … Continue reading

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National Network of Commercialisation Centres struggling to launch

As the shampoo commercial says, it won’t happen overnight, but it will happen. So it seems is the National Network of Commercialisation Centres – a Ministry of Science and Innovation initiative to leverage this, sometimes thin, expertise in New Zealand. … Continue reading

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No such thing as a ‘typical’ angel investment

The tables were turned as angel investors pitched to would-be entrepreneurs at an Unlimited Potential function in Wellington last Thursday. Well over 150 people turned up to hear four speakers – and here’s a selection of comments from angels who … Continue reading

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