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Non-success gets a deserved recognition

A thumbs up to Lightning Lab and Wellington’s Creative HQ for celebrating non-success. That, quite deliberately, is different from describing the five of the nine companies which went through LL’s 12 week accelerator programme as failures. Earlier in the year, … Continue reading

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Bacteria detector set to scale up for food industry

I’m always a bit of a sucker for innovations and improvements that add value to our biological industries. After all, as a country we’d be fools not to play to our major strength in producing food and fibre. An innovation’s … Continue reading

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“Gene Patents”: What’s the Fuss?

By guest blogger Doug Calhoun Patent attorneys operate in a netherworld between science and law. We find it challenging to try to explain the law to scientists and the science to lawyers; and even more challenging to try to explain … Continue reading

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Software Patents: the Difference between Excluding Computer Programs as Such and Excluding Computer Programs as Such

By guest blogger Doug Calhoun The Patents Bill has had a tortuous ride through Parliament – to say the least. Introduced in 2008, it was reviewed by a select committee in 2009 and reported back in March 2010. In September … Continue reading

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Australian Gene Patent Held Valid: Patent is for Isolated Nucleic Acid, not for Information Per Se

By guest blogger Doug Calhoun In a decision: delivered on 15 February 2013, nearly a year after the oral hearing, Federal Court of Australia Justice John Nicholas held that the Myriad Genetics patent for “An isolated nucleic acid coding for … Continue reading

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The Patents Bill and the Wai 262 Report: two solitudes in search of common ground

A guest blog by Doug Calhoun In an earlier post on the Patents Bill: I mentioned that the introduction of the Bill had been delayed for 14 years because of concerns about the Wai 262 claim. Nearly fifteen months after … Continue reading

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Patents Bill Second Reading: A Software Storm in an Ideological Teacup

By guest blogger Doug Calhoun Thirty years after the Muldoon government first looked at patent law reform, a new patent law is on track to come into force by the end of 2013. This guest blogger has been involved in … Continue reading

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US Federal Appeal Court upholds gene Myriad Gene patent after referral from Supreme Court

By guest blogger Doug Calhoun A US appeals court has for a second time upheld the validity of the Myriad Genetics gene patent.  In its 16 August 2012 decision: the same judges again decided 2 to 1 in favour of … Continue reading

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Web 3.0 + Kiwi IP = connection to the world

So, what do you do if you’ve got a patent, little money, and want to see who out there in the rest of the big wide world would be interested in buying it or licensing it? It is this challenge … Continue reading

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Venture Solutions operates in commercialisation’s ‘no-man’s-land’

The untitled head of nine month old Venture Solutions Ltd recently and reluctantly agreed to put up a website advertising its services. Grant Marris’s reluctance is warranted. Operating in the ‘no-man’s-land’ between the (often backyard) inventor and other types of … Continue reading

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