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Innovative and fast-growing companies line up for funding prize

And the finalists for the Entrepreneurs’ Challenge are…..drum roll….a healthy range of New Zealand businesses looking for the capital funding prize to help expand into overseas markets. Ten companies have been shortlisted to claim a chunk of $1 million in … Continue reading

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Should we model the cuckoo clock makers?

The question that has to be asked about Switzerland in the latest World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report is how come it got first, and New Zealand slipped to 23rd from 20th? Any jokes about cuckoo clock manufacturers is restrained … Continue reading

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Chief science advisor’s role morphs during his first year

So, what’s a prime minister’s scientific eyes, ears and brains actually meant to do? Well, there’s more to the role of being the Prime Minister’s chief science adviser than Peter Gluckman originally reckoned when taking on the position last September, … Continue reading

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One hundred raw ideas receive money for further exploration (Marsden Fund)

The odds for Lotto are only slightly worse, but that didn’t stop 1089 applications to the Marsden Fund by New Zealand  scientists for $60m of funding for early stage exploration of their ideas. The fund, administered by the Royal Society, … Continue reading

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Angel investors ask who is next in line to provide company funding?

The angel investment community is questioning who is going to provide the next round of development funds for fast-growing young New Zealand companies? Angel investors, typically high net worth individuals, have put a record $31 million into 35 deals during … Continue reading

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Social media company builds business on back of Twitter

Some people are so happy to pay to have a bespoke piece of clothing that advertises their Twitter username that Wellington company ‘tweet4yourtee’ has built a business on the back of it. The use of such social media as a … Continue reading

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An innovation conversation

It’s no great secret that New Zealand needs to start earning more, with less, if we want to maintain our standard of living in the world. Arguably, the notion that we’re good at inventing, is a complete myth in its … Continue reading

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