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Kiwis do the hard yards, then let value slip away

Kiwis are good at doing the hard yards of getting started and turning out new ideas, then let a surprising amount of value slip through our fingers. Forte Management director Tony Smale says that it is time New Zealanders recognise … Continue reading

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Today animals, tomorrow humans, Waikato drug delivery specialists innovating their way to success

The only way Simcro could grow in the animal pharmaceuticals delivery space was to be innovative Will Rouse decided when buying the Hamilton-based company three years ago. As one of only a handful of worldwide companies making animal injectors and … Continue reading

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Kiwi character actually makes us hopeless at innovation

Perhaps all the money we pour into science in the hope it will deliver new products is a waste of time in the New Zealand context. Sure, we might invent something, but our pioneer-like attitude means we lose at the … Continue reading

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Intellectual property ownership key component of Simcro’s R&D culture

As a collaborative partner and developer of animal health pharmaceutical delivery solutions, the ultimate ownership of the intellectual property associated with Simcro’s innovative injectors and drench guns, is not always straightforward according to Will Rouse. The managing director of the … Continue reading

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Remember the ‘four firsts’ and the bigger picture in dealing with the Chinese puzzle

Kiwi companies entering the Middle King should become familiar with New Zealand’s economic and political history with China, especially our track record of initiatives according to David Mahon. “New Zealanders must endeavour to see the larger picture of poverty and … Continue reading

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Science and innovation looks to re-set the next 20 years, but where’s industry?

Last week’s conference on ‘Re-setting Science and Innovation for the next 20 years’ had a notable element missing – business. Arranged by the NZ Association of Scientists in collaboration with Victoria University’s Institute of Policy Studies, the one day event … Continue reading

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Robotics company better, miniaturised transmitter basis of business, Jetpack looking for takeoff – weekend roundup

Its fortunes took a tumble with the global recession, but Dunedin-based robotic and automated production systems maker Scott Technology is bouncing back. The NZ Herald reports Scott’s acquistion of Onehunga-based Rocklabs, with manufactures mineral analysis equipment used by the mining … Continue reading

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A solution for overseas sales of agricultural land – make it all leasehold

The danger that New Zealanders could become tenants in their own land has encouraged ex-pat kiwi, David Mahon, to suggest that all agricultural land should be changed from freehold to leasehold. This would enable New Zealand to fairly and rationally … Continue reading

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Science and diplomacy to become better bedmates?

Are we about to hear of a much closer connect between our diplomats and science and technology sector when New Zealand’s yarning to overseas countries about how we might ‘work together’? After all, its well-accepted practice by other countries in … Continue reading

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Scientist tells scientists to get out of their ivory towers

Scientific academics shouldn’t be looking down their noses at their colleagues involved in technological developments for industry according to Royal Society of New Zealand president Garth Carnaby. Speaking at the NZ Association of Scientists conference, in collaboration with the Institute … Continue reading

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