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NZ’s largest single VC recipient picks up another international prize (Atlantis Healthcare)

An Auckland-based global company, that in August was the target of New Zealand’s largest single venture capital investment, has picked up an international award. Atlantis Healthcare has unique programmes that help patients stick to their courses of treatment, where particularly … Continue reading

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Cancer detection commercialisation could never be an ‘overnight’ happening

Pacific Edge Ltd., is inching its way to commercialisation of its bladder cancer detection tests – showing that it can be done, but never ‘overnight’. Above all it also demonstrates just how much effort it takes to turn an idea, … Continue reading

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“Really chuffed” science prize winners to look for complementary skills

The winning of $400,000 through the Prime Minister’s Science Prize will enable Magritek to bring on a complementary researcher with a different skill set to its development team. “There is never a finite, limited amount of R&D that you can … Continue reading

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Have a beek at this – giving tourists a flavour of somewhere they’ve never been before they decide to visit

When people are thinking of new places to go and visit, the internet’s not the most inspiring place to check them out… least until now according to Ben Knill. The developer of ‘beek‘, an interactive destination guide, is on the … Continue reading

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…..and the winners are (P.M’s Science Prize recipients announced)

So, how much will the rest of New Zealand care about last night’s announcement of the Prime Minister’s Science Prizes? John Key and Wayne Mapp are going their manful best to promote research, and its close kissing cousin, innovation, as … Continue reading

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Have money…..will take on the world, 77 Pieces at a time

77 Pieces is a platform technology, that every potential investor who has looked at it reckons is a great idea and will be a great enterprise according to its founder. The globally unique software, allows a 2-D pattern to be … Continue reading

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Mass customisation and Wellington’s culture – a marriage made in heaven?

The term mass customisation is one that will increasingly become common. (Feel free to say you heard it here first!) An example is a pair of jeans, made, perhaps on the premise, exactly to fit the purchaser. Wellington-originated, globally located … Continue reading

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Weightless export succeeds in crowded internet domain name space – (iWantMyName)

There’s no shortage of web-based companies offering the ability to secure an internet domain name. But within that crowded field, Wellington company iWantMyName, has carved a small but growing niche, and after two years in business has moved beyond start-up … Continue reading

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Wellington’s (bad?) weather not the main reason for its IT entrepreneurship

The joke is that Wellington’s a good place for IT entrepreneurs because the weather forces developers and the like to stay indoors. More likely given its concentration of internet and computing based businesses is the ability to rub shoulders with … Continue reading

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2-D to 3-D and back again – making virtual real (77 Pieces)

Ever wondered why so many computer generated characters in movies these days are naked, or near enough to it? Alternatively, if they’re not naked, everyone seems to wear cloaks and robes. The main reason is because realistic clothes, that is, … Continue reading

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