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High cost Germany shows how to succeed in exporting

In theory, as an old-world type economy and like most of its contemporaries, Germany should be struggling out of the after-effects of the global financial crisis. But the ‘strongman’ of Europe has been thriving while its competitors are scrambling, and … Continue reading

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New Zealand needs one place for everything innovative – NZ Institute

Though he’s loathed to call it a ‘one-stop-shop’, NZ Institute director Rick Boven reckons something similar is required as one measure to boost this country’s innovation rate and output. The institute recent discussion paper ‘Plugging the Gaps – An internationalisation … Continue reading

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Story marketplace makes its play in internet-dominated media space (allaboutthestory)

Hands up those people who know how the world of newspapers and magazines and journalism and writing’s going to play out in the internet world! Lots of information’s free, newspapers no longer have the same quantity of advertising revenue to … Continue reading

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In a world of generic websites, bespoke solutions often a better deal

In a world where you can pick and pluck generic pieces up from the internet and other places to produce your website – often for free – there’s increasingly a place for a bespoke web solution. Ironically, such a tailor-made … Continue reading

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Where’s there’s a wool there’s a way – $17.25m kickstart for renewed research

It could be wool’s last hurrah, it could be the start of a whole new ball game. The government’s recent decision to invest $17.25 million in a wool research consortium will allow the exploration of possible new products and applications … Continue reading

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Being shown the money, MusicHype heads to America to make its play

A key moment for any start-up business is receiving the first tranche of investment from someone outside the original backers. MusicHype’s announcement of a $600,000 input from Christchurch-based NZ Capital Strategies’ Rutherford Innovation Fund is, at the very least, a … Continue reading

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ShowGizmo to take expo app to smart phone world

Ever gone to a business expo and been overwhelmed with the number of business cards you’ve collected or given, or the physical quantity of information you end up with the end of the day? Well, a potential solution’s lurking in … Continue reading

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Potato supply threat turned into crisp opportunity

The classic case of turning a threat into an opportunity applies perfectly to Orari cropping farmers Raymond and Adrianne Bowan. The couple, who farm 1375ha near Geraldine, just off State Highway 1 north of Timaru, found out in late 2008 … Continue reading

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LanzaTech’s clean technology ticks all the right boxes for rapid global growth

Yesterday New Zealand, today and tomorrow the world…..literally for clean technology company LanzaTech. The Auckland-based firm that uses proprietary bacteria and fermentation to produce useful products such as ethanol from industrial gas waste streams, is on a heck of a … Continue reading

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Is social enterprise about to come out from the shadows?

Mention the term ‘corporate social responsibility’, and you’ll often get a “yes, but” type of reply. Yes, it’s a good idea, but doesn’t work in practice. Yes, we should be doing it, but don’t know where to start. Yes, we’ll … Continue reading

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