‘White label’ opportunity for number one food app

While there’s a great deal of satisfaction in creating a mobile device app that people use, and come back to frequently, there’s a bigger game eyed for Fast, Fresh & Tasty.

The Wellington-originated app provides updated recipes, with a strong seasonal element. It was recently #1 in Apple’s iTunes store Food and Drink category as well.

And while the $5.39 price brings in some revenue for FF&T’s creators, Click Suite, the business model has a complementary market – food partners.

Partnering with food marketers is one of Fast, Fresh & Tasty’s big opportunities says Emily Loughnan

Food partners pay to be in some of the app’s recipes, and as FF&T expands internationally (other regions in other countries can also have a recipe app that features local produce), this will be the important play.

For example, in New Zealand Silver Fern Farms, Campbell’s Real Stocks, George Weston Foods, the Seafood Industry Council, Hansells and Rangitikei Corn Fed Free Range Chickens are all partners with FF&T.

“Now we’re getting other people knocking on our door wanting to be partners; more of the artisan producers in particular,” says Click Suite director, Emily Loughnan.

“For those artisans, getting the exposure to consumers who care costs a fraction by being part of Fast, Fresh & Tasty compared to making an app themselves, or even other forms of advertising.”

And, using New Zealand as a test market, the app will be available for other markets. Because it particularly links into seasonally available, and local produce, Loughnan sees the app (and more particularly its backend brains) being of huge appeal to others around the world.

Given that there’s also a strong measurement and feedback as Loughnan and her team keep an eye on FF&T’s viewing and download metrics, the package it is potentially able to offer to others has strong appeal.

Tasty indeed!


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