We are the picture that a child draws of a farm

A child draws a picture of a farm.

The sun is shining, the water is clean, the animals are happy.

A question could be, ‘What is the name of that picture?’

Our farms, done correctly, are that picture. There’s a heck of a lot of science to validate it as well.

But, like the picture, we’ve never given a name to what and how we do things.

Without a name, we’re undifferentiated from factory farming.

However, the moment we give our responsible pastoralism method a name, then we provide ourselves with a frame for the offer we make to the world.

It is a frame of reference, of expectation, of delivery, of allowing a consumer to connect heart and head for the piece of meat they may be thinking of buying.

It also provides a frame on which to do much more applied science – get the special bits, add lots of margin, create more value from the raw materials, reinvent products.

(This also applies to our forestry, fishing and other biological resources – our strengths, upon which we can build, make much more money).

Because what we want to do is have a relationship with consumers – they too ‘own’ our pasture Harmonies method. By naming it, we can have a conversation, with them, with other world farmers, with the supply chain, with the rest of New Zealand.

And wouldn’t it be nice to be able to positively yarn, rather than always having to be reactive.

Imagine too the competition and labelling opportunities from having children paint pictures and/or come to somewhere/something that is already named!

It all would happen by naming our story, taking control of our destiny.

Or would that be just too simple?


About sticknz

sticK is by Peter Kerr, a writer for hire. I have a broad science and technology background and interest, with an original degree in agricultural science. My writing speciality is making the complex understandable. I am available for outside consultancy work, and for general discussions of converting a good idea into something positive
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2 Responses to We are the picture that a child draws of a farm

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  2. Rather than re invent new wheels it’s time to look at the work we have already done to promote New Zealand. Tourism N.Z. has their 100% pure New Zealand. We as taxpayers have put a lot of investment into establishing this brand. There is no reason why this promotion cannot become a generic New.Zealand. promotion. 100% pure New Zealand beef, 100% pure New Zealand Agriculture. To the critics that argue that we are not 100% pure, ( whatever that means,) no country can ever be 100% environmentally pure, The concept is one of being 100% New Zealand, which means for example our lamb is grass feed, outside on green pasture, no artificial growth hormones or antibiotics, no high carbon input intensive factory farming.
    Small as we are if we had all sectors in behind the 100% pure New Zealand promotion the symbiosis would give us some real market penetration. .

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