Clever solution to a quad bike problem

Here’s a great idea from someone who is (take your pick from, or choose the lot) young, entrepreneurial, agri-tech, female, creative, persevering, clever; and as it happens is a dag-hand at cake-making.

Now the Biz Dojo (where Stick operates out of) is so full of things digital that it is a surprise to find someone developing a product you can drop on your toe.

In the Flatpak Quaddy’s case it wouldn’t hurt much as the large, tough PVC-canvas and flexible multi-use bag doesn’t weigh that much.

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The Flatpak Quaddy opened out

Flatpak Quaddy, a science and technology answer to a problem

The Flatpak Quaddy, on an ATV, folded down and not in action

Emily Tasker came up with the safe and secure transport carrier for the back of a quad bike (ATV) while at school. She was helping out Ruth McDavitt in the Summer of Tech programme for a while at the Biz Dojo, and in keeping with a ‘good at many things mindset’, is heading down to Christchurch to work with Holmes Solutions (who specialise in engineering projects that no one has done before).

Coming from an agricultural background myself, safely carrying equipment on the back of a quad is a challenge. Her solution is also in the scheme of things of “how come no one has thought of this before”.

But Emily’s kept on keeping on at this project, had it as part of the Venture Up, and Young Enterprise Scheme, and is selling it though stock and station companies across the length of NZ.

Carrying equipment on the rear of a quad, instead of on its front carrier is proven to be more safe; and given the number of accidents that kill and/or maim our farmers, anything that lowers accidents is obviously worth pursuing. Flatpak conforms to WorkSafe standards.

It’s dimensions are 1040mm x 400 x 300, and about 200mm when folded flat – hence the Flatpak name…though as the website points out is is a comfortable place for a dog to sit if it gets sick of running beside the quad.

Stick’s a great fan of solutions to a problem. The Flatpak Quaddy is one of those.

Emily’s clearly heading for higher things. She has given university a miss, figuring that life itself will be her educator.

Expect to see more of her in the future…you heard it here first!

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