Helping Kiwis fund the things they care about – a grown up Pledgeme says how it’s done

Well, hasn’t PledgeMe grown up.

The crowdfunding platform is only five years old, but as its founder (and self-titled chief bubble blower) Anna Guenther told a Deloitte Private gathering recently, in that time it has managed over 1100 successful fundraising campaigns.

That adds up to over $14 million raised “for anything you can think of, and not think of,” she says.

(Stick’s reported on various Pledgeme initiatives over the years – see here, here and here for different stories).

Three years to nail its tagline

As an aside, It took Pledgeme three years to nail its heart & soul statement/tagline/value proposition. Wearing my Punchline (million dollar messages) hat, I applaud its who, what and why statement.

Helping Kiwis fund the things they care about.

Deloitte Private invites speakers every couple of months to a diverse range of clients and non-clients to learn, mingle and exchange knowledge (and business cards).

It’s March meeting was around sources of funding for growth.

As PledgeMe’s chief cheerleader, Anna’s ability to entertain and tell a good story is second-to-none. (Admittedly she has a huge range of good stories to choose from!)

crowd funding

PledgeMe’s Anna Guenther – a natural storyteller and dispenser of crowdfunding wisdom at Deloitte Private

She has also narrowed down on how to give yourself the best chance of raising money for your particular cause.

Have a:

  • Specific goal
  • Deadline
  • Offer something in return

Crowdfunding is attracting an older crowd

Crowdfunding’s not just something aimed and understood by Gen X and Millennials. The platform’s graying – one example being 83 year old Stu Buchanan from Christchurch who raised funds to put together and produce a CD of his music.

Anna also made the point that crowdfunding is a huge opportunity to strengthen existing relationships. Current clients (think craft brewers, custard-square makers) are an important first point of investment opportunity – and “bring much more than just funding” she says.

Anna gave her considered 5 P’s of crowdfunding.



  • Documentation
  • Minimum and maximum raise
  • Commonsense plan

Pitch (the part seen on the PledgeMe page)

  • Succinctly explain
  • Make sure the rewards are rewarding
  • Video is king (people want to see who you are)
  • Keep it balanced – but have fun
  • Have 50 people in mind before pitching
  • Make your funders feel loved
  • Make it real – show who you are



  • Communicate once you’re done
  • Make sure you know what’s required around audits and providing financial information ongoing

Anna made a final point that “people buy into your success, are engaged in your success. That’s because they feel part of you because they now own a piece of you.”

(Stick enables science and tech companies to simply tell their story. Punchline, a sister company, helps clients create million dollar messages – the 2 – 10 words that describes your essence, emotively communicates your value proposition)



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