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It's no great secret that New Zealand needs to start earning more, with less, if we want to maintain our standard of living in the world.

Arguably, the notion that we're good at inventing, is a complete myth in its own right.

What's obvious however, is that we've been relatively useless at converting a good idea into something that makes money, or even gets to see the light of day.

The purpose of this blog isn't for me to say how we should convert ideas into income. I'm fully experienced in mucking up that process a couple of times.

The purpose of this is to show how others have done it. If, by learning from them, we're able to achieve better outcomes as individuals and as a nation, we'll all be better off.

All in all, ideas are easy; getting them to fly is the tricky part. This is about learning how to give an idea wings!

An innovation conversation

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