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Butter shaped to fit could be the catch-cry of Hamilton based company Canary Enterprises. The NZ Herald reports that the privately owned 10 year old business has cracked the $10m yearly sales mark with butter delivered in a number of shapes and sizes for what is eventually an 85-90% export business. Its turnover has grown about 50% a year over the past eight years following its strategic direction to customize food and hospitality industries’ solutions. The full story is available here:

Fonterra’s one of the first customers for Ballance Agri-Nutrients just launched GoClear, which will be made at its Kapuni ammonia-urea plant. The NZ Herald reports that the GoClear is held in a small tank and injected into the exhaust system’s gases in a catalytic converter, turning nitrogen oxide into water vapour and nitrogen. The solution can help reduce typical truck greenhouse gas emissions by 70-90%. The full story is available here:

A couple of Kiwi biotech firms are to be among 40 Australasian companies pitching at a Melbourne investment summit as part of AusBiotech 2010 conference. The NZ Herald reports that public unlisted Innate Therapeutics needs $13-$20m over the next 12-15 months to complete phase-2b trilas of its immunomodulator microparticle technology, designed to treat progressive forms of multiple sclerosis (MS). Living Cell Technologies (LCT) which will showcase its treatments for diabetes and neurological disorders, is also carrying out phase-2 trials of its Diabecell product. The fully story is available here:

Better butter, cleaner diesel, biotech firms seeking Aussie capital – weekend round-up

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