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Those of a patriotic come competitive come interested in boosting cool technology bent may like to help LanzaTech in Biofuel Digest’s competition to discover the Transformative Technologies 2011 winner.

In an ever decreasing round-robin ‘playoff’ two individual companies go head to head, with Biofuel Digest subscribers (free to sign up, comes to your email address) able to put in a daily vote.

Go here to register, and the next day start voting when the digest turns up in your email. The free registration in in the top right hand corner.

LanzaTech, the Auckland-based, globally project oriented company that uses industrial off gases to make ethanol and other useful products, is currently up against Novozymes, as at this moment, just ahead 52 – 48.

It is a pretty interesting competition, and takes little effort to support an NZ company that has the potential to scale rapidly and drag other Kiwi science along in its slipstream.

The Transformative Technologies 2011 is a neat concept, and the Digest itself reckons it is the world’s leading publication on renewable energy options.

So, there’s nothing to lose, quite a bit to gain for a couple of minutes effort. It might even be a safer bet than the All Blacks.

Free competition to find Transformative Technologies 2011 winner – give LanzaTech a hand

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