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The main message from the Rutherford Innovation Showcase Digital Content Forum was that some weightless exports have a fair bit of profit margin attached.

The Wellington event on Friday Sept. 23 also heard that, apparently, we (the royal 'we' as in New Zealanders) are pretty good at creating some of this digital content.

Weta Digital and Sidhe were probably the best known, partly because some of the others such as games maker Cerebal Fix look to partner up with filmmaker/content distributor Lionsgate.

In fact, the idea of choosing a good partner, someone to help someone from a tiny corner of the southwest Pacific promote their product to the world, was another main point of the day long event timed to coincide with the Rugby World Cup. (Indeed, Sidhe, which has over 100 people in its team, showed off its new rugby game).

Cerebal Fix has linked up with the Facebook Dirty Dancing page with a special version of its 'Crystalink' puzzle game.


This Facebook page has 11 million friends, with up to 15,000 joining each day. Of these, 93% are women, 5% men and 2% some other sex.

As Cerebal Fix's CEO Ben Delleca says, "understand the statistics, see the numbers."

Intel's Chris Tobias told the 250 attendees to not forget that PC's still have a major role in the digital world, in spite of the huge growth in smart phones and tablet computers.

In the past 10 years, its chips have become twice as efficient, using half the amount of power, while having 32 times as much performance. Many people will have both an extremely powerful PC and a mobile computing device is the way Intel's seeing the future - naturally with their chips in both!

And if there seems to be an endless supply of YouTube, it's because there is. As YT's global communications executive Annie Baxter (a Kiwi based in California) pointed out, there's 48 hours of new material uploaded to the site every minute!

Hopefully there will be some clever new content ideas that come to the fore as a result of the event.

Can't do any harm - and as always, new ideas will come from the knowledge intersection between people.

Go digital for dollars - content forum spruiks Kiwi capability

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