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The Wellington Makerspace [TWMS] wants to build a better gun, well that's not strictly true.

The community actually play a lot of what are commonly known as first person shooters [FPS], such as Medal of Honor, Battlefield, Team Fortress and the like. Lots of action, shooting and online team playing.

“Normally a player will use a combination of Mouse and Keyboard [PC] and game controller [Console] but things are about to change”....

The guys at The Wellington Makerspace – a digital prototyping facility located in Hipster central, Wellington, New Zealand- have designed and built a working prototype USB-compatible game controller AKA “video game gun” using an OpenSource mini-computer known as an Arduino and a bunch of stuff including a tracking/guidance system and some clever coding.

They also fitted a recoil mechanism to the AK47 replica airsoft gun used to create version One's more realistic experience -and hey presto the perfect gaming solution for more immersive play is born.

Makerspace which has a small suite of sophisticated machines that allow prototypes to be built very cost - effectively isn’t getting into the real armaments industry though - yet although they have been known to make some cool medieval weaponry in their spare time...

Its founder Lee Bennett wants to perfect the design of the controllers ‘guts’ but insists on the sharing ethos.

“We want an open source option rather than making or selling something proprietary,” says Bennett. “We’ll be able to make our own guns, cases and accessories to order here at the [Maker] Space and outsource for capacity if neded, but most importantly we'll be aiming to provide what we've created for others to develop as they see fit.”

He says they may use Kickstarter, or PledgeMe (NZ’s first crowdfunding platform) as the capital raising method and are developing their own Bootstrapper add-on to TWMS current offering and Bennett envisages that there will be many people willing to contribute funds in return for receiving a completed V2 controller and case -or maybe just the internal electronics kit and code for individuals to hack their own weapon of choice.

Bennett states that 'Version Two' will be upgraded significantly with some very cool features – so watch this space, contribute and play better!

Gunning for better play; Makerspace takes aim at crowdfunding

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