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Well, hasn’t PledgeMe grown up.

The crowdfunding platform is only five years old, but as its founder (and self-titled chief bubble blower) Anna Guenther told a Deloitte Private gathering recently, in that time it has managed over 1100 successful fundraising campaigns.

That adds up to over $14 million raised “for anything you can think of, and not think of,” she says.

(Stick’s reported on various Pledgeme initiatives over the years - see here, here and here for different stories).

Three years to nail its tagline

As an aside, It took Pledgeme three years to nail its heart & soul statement/tagline/value proposition. Wearing my Punchline (million dollar messages) hat, I applaud its who, what and why statement.

Helping Kiwis fund the things they care about.

Deloitte Private invites speakers every couple of months to a diverse range of clients and non-clients to learn, mingle and exchange knowledge (and business cards).

It’s March meeting was around sources of funding for growth.

As PledgeMe’s chief cheerleader, Anna’s ability to entertain and tell a good story is second-to-none. (Admittedly she has a huge range of good stories to choose from!)

[caption id="attachment_2897" align="aligncenter" width="300"]crowd
funding PledgeMe's Anna Guenther - a natural storyteller and dispenser of crowdfunding wisdom at Deloitte Private[/caption]

She has also narrowed down on how to give yourself the best chance of raising money for your particular cause.

Have a:

  • Specific goal

  • Deadline

  • Offer something in return

Crowdfunding is attracting an older crowd

Crowdfunding’s not just something aimed and understood by Gen X and Millennials. The platform’s graying - one example being 83 year old Stu Buchanan from Christchurch who raised funds to put together and produce a CD of his music.

Anna also made the point that crowdfunding is a huge opportunity to strengthen existing relationships. Current clients (think craft brewers, custard-square makers) are an important first point of investment opportunity - and “bring much more than just funding” she says.

Anna gave her considered 5 P’s of crowdfunding.



  • Documentation

  • Minimum and maximum raise

  • Commonsense plan

Pitch (the part seen on the PledgeMe page)

  • Succinctly explain

  • Make sure the rewards are rewarding

  • Video is king (people want to see who you are)

  • Keep it balanced - but have fun

  • Have 50 people in mind before pitching

  • Make your funders feel loved

  • Make it real - show who you are



  • Communicate once you’re done

  • Make sure you know what’s required around audits and providing financial information ongoing

Anna made a final point that “people buy into your success, are engaged in your success. That’s because they feel part of you because they now own a piece of you.”

(Stick enables science and tech companies to simply tell their story. Punchline, a sister company, helps clients create million dollar messages – the 2 – 10 words that describes your essence, emotively communicates your value proposition)


Helping Kiwis fund the things they care about - a grown up Pledgeme says how it’s done

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