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CerebralFix, as some might say contradictorily, makes digital games -for smart phones, other peoples' websites, Facebook, its own website.

Its CEO Ben Delleca, speaking at the Rutherford Innovation Showcase's Digital Content Forum in Wellington on Friday 23 Sept., says the company's looking to leverage opportunities in the digital space; even bringing up a new word, 'digitainment'.

And another 'transmedia' taking entertainment experiences and stretching them across digital spaces.
The example he gave was of a television show during its off season.

Now that billions of internet connected screens exist, consumers can have much more frequent access to new content.

"Digital distribution gives multiple pathways to market; you can sell across the globe at a touch of a button," Delleca says.

"New Zealand has world class creative talent matched by an innovative spirit. In dealing with other global companies, given the modern age and how much more connected we are, it is as if we're only two kilometers down the road."

But, given the number of games coming onto the market from thousands of developers the question is how to stand out through the noise.

Delleca's gone for strategic partnering, looking for deals with internationally recognised properties and other networks.

To this end, Cerebal Fix has developed its 'Crystalink' puzzle game for Miniclip - a free web and iPhone site that attracts 67 million unique visitors a month. Seventeen million of these visitors bought some form of product in addition to the free games.

It also developed a Dirty Dancing Crystalink game for Lionsgate's Facebook page. This has 11 million friends, 93% of whom are women.

"New Zealand will have to pond the world to make these deals work," says Delleca. "The overseas partners are willing and ready to deal. Understand the statistics, and see the opportunities."

To that end, Delleca must be doing something right. In spite of the Christchurch earthquakes severely disrupting the games company's development, in two and a half years it has gone from four people to 70.

In a world in which the games industry is now bigger than movies, CerebralFix, which recently become publicly listed, is obviously doing some pretty good street pounding!

Internet games follow the numbers and money

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