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Those of us with a poetic come wordy bent have to love TABS (Trends + Anthropology + Brands + Strategy) for its acronym alone.

And sticK's not one to generally go promoting someone or something it hasn't personally interviewed or yarned to if it can help it. However, the fact that this has been a constant 'go back to and read again' document has inspired its promotion in this blog.

In this case, the Canvas8's document, a biannual summary of the global consumers' most important trends and drivers is something worth spreading.

In short, it is knowledge that attempts to peer over the horizon, knowledge worth knowing.

Unlike the vast majority of 'comments' (read spam) to sticK, Canvas8 made an intelligent comment on a 77 Pieces article, and pointed out the relationship to its own mass customisation observation.

In fact, mass customisation was the first of its 20 summaries of global consumer drivers. See the document here.

The TABS document is, as they describe it, a trawl through academic journals, the 'gold' from hundreds of pop culture and industry blogs, and probing of the minds of global Thought Leaders.

They've then pieced it all together in a simple, informative layout around the headings:
1. What is it?
2. Who is it impacting?
3. How has it been developing?
4. Where is it happening

They fire in a 'what are the signs?' and 'where is the trend in its lifecycle?', along with related trends. The next page provides more reports and articles to back up the reported trend.

Again, this summary description does a disservice; but to illustrate, the 20 TABS drivers noted are:
1. Mass customisation
2. Simple interfaces
3. Brand me
4. Codes of conduct
5. Informed consumerism
6. Natural mindset
7. Sustainable capitalism
8. Hyperawareness of health
9. Social participation
10. Attention economy
11. Rising social conscience
12. Mobile living
13. Hyperlocalisation
14. True stories
15. Privacy and control
16. Neo-tribalism
17. Collaborative living and working
18. Slow
19. East/West
20. Blended reality

Yet again, sticK recommends going and having a look for yourself.

And among dozens of interesting points and observations, here's one from Eugenie Harvey, founder of WeAreWhatWeDo and 10:10, under the 'Codes of Conduct' driver

"There is no doubt in my mind that kindness is the new currency. As life becomes tougher, which I'm afraid it's going to do, being generous to your fellow man will keep the world afloat."

Keeping TABS so valuable, sticK's forced to give it a plug

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