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Well, whew, that’s the Rugby World Cup out of the way with a win, and National’s presumably looking to see if it achieves the same at the election.

Though it will be talking the talk of how it still has to front up on November 26, National's expecting victory and therefore the jockeying for cabinet positions is going on in earnest.

Last week the rumour going round was that John Key’s going to take the role of Minister of Science & Innovation.

Obviously he’s too busy doing the rest of his Prime Ministerial role to be able to carry it all out by himself, so the talk is that he’d have a couple of associate ministers to assist, with two female MPs touted to do the heavy lifting.

From the country’s point of view and cranking up the economy, if Key’s serious and uses the position to really drive the ‘I’ (as in innovation) part of the equation, it could only be a good move.

When the Denmarks, Switzerlands and Singapores of the world have made similar moves, and the country’s leader has led an innovation council and in turn driven initiatives from the top, the whole economy has really got a kick along.

The (almost moral) example of the country’s boss driving change through innovation and helping bring about change is one of the key factors in boosting economic performance.

John Key has the potential to underpin his time at the top with the ‘innovation’ sobriquet , much as David Lange had 'education' and Helen Clark 'arts and culture'.

Given that science and innovation is essentially the only lever that provides some flexibility, and the ability to quickly back a technology/company that can rapidly go to scale (another LanzaTech for example), let’s hope and see if Key does come through in the role.

However, a week’s a long time in politics, and rumours remain just that.

No harm in spreading them though, especially one that could be of such benefit to us all.

Key man in innovation role?

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