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New Zealand clean energy golden child LanzaTech has added yet another notch to its belt, and is one of 10 international businesses that will pitch to the USA Department of Defense next month.

The U.S. Military is the world’s largest consumer of fossil fuels, and its various branches have made commitments to slash fossil fuel use and increase biofuel and other renewable and alternative fuel types over the next 15 years.

LanzaTech’s patented bacterial fermentation technology uses industrial off gases with carbon-monoxide rich feedstocks to produce ethanol, which in turn can be converted to drop in hydrocarbon fuels.

The Auckland-headquartered company, also registered as an Illonois-based business, has a number of research projects with coal, steel mill and petroleum companies and countries across Asia and America, as it scalesup the production of its non-food based system. LanzaTech’s technology converts polluting wastes into useful products.

It joins nine other biofuel, wind, transportation, microgrid and energy storage companies which will attend the Asia Pacific Clean Energy Summit in Honolulu on Sept. 13 (link here). The quick pitch session to the Dept. of Defense will also include energy industry professionals and investors.

The Defense Department recognises the importance to security of alternative fuels, seeing as much of the world’s oil and gas comes from currently unstable parts of the globe.

The Clean Technology and Sustainable Industries Organisation (CTSI) recognises the 2011 Top 10 Defense Energy Technology Solutions, and LanzaTech was one of 220 global applicants.

Such is LanzaTech’s rapid growth, growing patent portfolio and seemingly endless signing up of large multinational project partners, that the public almost takes for granted, forgetting that it is really playing with the big boys.

One of its hugely important roles is acting as the pin up for other innovative, technologically savvy New Zealand companies operating in the world’s biggest business – energy.

LanzaTech is up against some pretty stiff competition in Honolulu, but it ticks a heck of a lot of the right boxes as far as the US Military is concerned.

Don’t be surprised to hear a yell of triumph from up that way in less than three weeks time.

Yet again it will have a headache, a good to satisfy a growing pile of partners.

LanzaTech gets on the defensive offence

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