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Phillip Capper made the observation that most adult learning takes place in the spaces between people, not in their heads.

Riffing on the WebResearch director's theme (original story posted here), many new ideas are generated in the space between people.

Which is one of the expected benefits of a new collaborative, co-working space, Biz Dojo, that has just opened in Wellington's Vivian St.

It is part of a New Zealand expansion following a successful Auckland launch of Biz Dojo, with Danijel and Inas Duvnjak looking to repeat the energy and new business creation opportunities generated in the Queen City.

sticK's been using one of the 50 internet linked desks, with one large meeting room, complete with videoconferencing and whiteboards and the like, as well as a couple of smaller meeting rooms over the past couple of weeks.

The place has a great buzz.

But more importantly, it has a healthy mix of members of the digital creative sector (as Victoria University's Head of Design Simon Fraser has coined this very Wellington blend of ICT and film and an increasing number of 3D modeling/manufacturing type people).

Now sticK struggles to be included in such luminous company, but, by heck, there's some interesting conversations take place given everyone's close proximity and willingness to talk openly and frankly - with everyone looking to see what opportunities could exist through collaboration.

Biz Dojo Wellington will become an important part of Wellington's innovation ecosystem, and the NZ business co-founder Nick Shewring is also looking to establish another in Christchurch.

Shewring's adamant that success for their clients is when they grow, and outgrow needing the initial working space and environment that Biz Dojo provides.

This has already happened in Auckland, and will be repeated in Wellington.

sticK also makes a prediction. The Wellington Biz Dojo is about halfway between Courtenay Place and the Basin Reserve. As its original clients grow, they'll stay close to the environment that Biz Dojo provides. We're going to see an expanded physical presence of the aforementioned digital creative sector space in Wellington as many one and two man bands get out of their homes and around each other.

New ideas are generated in the spaces between people - Biz Dojo opens in Wellington

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