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Those with good ideas to help establish a networked and linked system for the country’s commercialisation centres can expect to be asked for them before Christmas.

That’s when a request for proposal should come out of the new Ministry of Science and Innovation, part of a plan to virtually connect the sometimes isolated skills and capabilities residing in individual universities and CRIs commercialisation units.

A National Network of Commercialisation Centres proposal is a way to improve the scale and commercial outcomes that are being generated by publicly funded research says Suse Reynolds, who is running the project on behalf of MSI.

“We want to build on what’s been taking place already, more effectively,” she says.

Ensuring that the private sector is involved is another part of the mix, as it achieving the right balance between research push and business pull says Reynolds.

She emphasises that there’s no desire to build a huge structure that could undermine what’s already in place, “and it’s very clear this will be an evolutionary process.”

“It is very clear to us too that applicants understand other peoples’ proposals,” she says.

It may be that the best parts of proposals are melded together, under that evolutionary model.
The government allocated $11 million for four years in the May 2010 budget for the establishment of the NNCC.

Proposals to virtually link commercialisation centres expected before Christmas

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