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Now, knowing how to code won't necessarily be required for success in a future digital world. But knowing how the IT layers fit together is required in order to fully participate.

Which is why you'd have to say the upcoming Tech for Non-Tech intensive course is a steal.

At $499 + GST the Enspiral Dev Academy programme is, from what it promises to deliver, extremely good value for money.

It aims to create an empathetic bridge between what business owners want and how and how long are the complexities of delivering a digital product across the web or within the business.

Based on the observations that:

  • how businesses create their own digital footprints is a complex beast

  • these digital footprints are created by another sort of beast – techy-types, coders, IT

  • and different languages are spoken by the participants

  • then this is a good initiative

Put another way, there's often a huge disconnect between what non-techy people want, and how long they think it will take to be delivered, and the actual hand-to-hand combat of putting a complex project together – which almost invariably grows as the non-tech people expand its scope.

So, plenty of room for misunderstanding, which is where the Enspiral Dev Academy is hoping to bring some clarity.

This Tech for Non-Tech is 5 x 90 minute sessions, including over a full day.

It is looking to build understanding in the first instance, of what it takes to put in place a new digital strategy – at whatever level.

By understanding both the layers of IT, and the process by which those layers come together in any project, participants can share common ground.

Among the digital learning is:

  • learn language used in tech builds (learn your forks from your servers)

  • be able to empathise with, and understand developers

  • understand technical product planning

This course, spearheaded by Kate Beecroft, Silvia Zurr, Joshua Vial and Charles Munat is part of the ongoing metamorphosis of Enspiral. Here's a blog I did a few years ago on them. The first course starts on October 27, with more scheduled as demand grows.

In part this education initiative grew out of the Open Source Open Society conference in April

It is also part of a BHAG (big, hairy, audacious goal) that the Enspiral Dev Academy has - to grow Wellington in the tech capital of the South Pacific.

If you're going to dream, you might as well dream big!

Psst, want to learn about IT...the Tech for Non-Tech course is a steal

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