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A second lot of interesting points - you know, the 'what did you learn' answers you give to people.

• Photonz Omega-3 EPA production by fermentation of micro algae set to provide second reliable source after fish oil. EPA plus statins appears to be an excellent cholesterol lowering formulation. Photonz's IP around the fermentation method that others have attempted, but not succeeded in doing. Will initially contract manufacture the product, could build own production facility in NZ once it becomes profitable (predicted for 2014)

• MSI sees biomaterials as being a source of competitive advantage for NZ - Dr Max Kennedy

• LanzaTech's process can use a broad range of CO:H2 ratios in its conversion - Dr Will Barker

• Every hour the world uses 413 hours of stored energy (as in oil, coal etc). Carbonscape (microwave charcoal production) offers a platform technology, from nutraceuticals to gasification for generating electricity. High value products is the initial focus. Nick Gerritsen.

• Globally, 80% of venture capital raised by 20% of companies

• Most venture capital divestments in NZ will be by trade sale to larger, often corporate, companies. Andrew Kelly, BioPacific Ventures

• Six of the world's top 26 biomedical universities are in Australasia - Joshua Funder, GBS Ventures

• Most Australian and NZ venture capital companies haven't been in the area long enough to have realized the initial investment to again invest in promising companies - Joshua Funder

• 60 NZ companies last year exported $600 million of biomedical devices. NZ district health boards could be much more proactive in promoting/helping these companies in their clinical validation of products- Faye Sumner, Medical Technologies Association of NZ

Random points of interest from NZBio, two

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