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Toby Ruckert of Unified Inbox had an interesting blog recently - demonstrating what he has called the Power of Un-Location.

(sticK had a blog on an earlier version of Unified Inbox here.)

For a brief period while in Shanghai, he (relatively unintentionally) went back in time 25 years or so, where he didn't have a mobile phone or internet connection. In this he found quite a freedom.

Toby's expressed many of the disconcerting pressures and issues that some of us have about always being connected, always feeling like you're having to check in to see who has been checking in. I see some of the same in my own children and their relationship with Facebook, (I'm probably one of its worst users).

It is not difficult to see why some researchers believe that modern children are having their brains rewired differently to how older generations did - a result of all this immediate connectivity and ability to find an answer to any question straight away.

I thoroughly recommend a read of Toby's blog. He articulates some excellent reasons for disconnecting for a little bit at least - not the least of which can be summarised as 'sanity'.

There's always a danger in considering the past to have been slightly more rosy-coloured than today, but he raises some good points in his discussion.

His blog also points to other examples of people reverting, at least temporarily, to a non-connected lifestyle.

I'm sure that in the not too distant future, doctors and others will thoroughly recommend, if not almost force, all of us to have a break from always being on. In the meantime, thanks Toby for highlighting the Power of Un-Location.

The Power of Un-Location gets an airing

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