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Super graphics creators, BIS2 flies under the radar in New Zealand, partly because at this stage the three year old company doesn't have any clients in this country.

That makes is somewhat problematic for attracting software developers to its Wellington base, where it currently runs a team of 19 across Java and Flex that enable it to derive complex data into meaningful visualisations for its clients.

The knowledge from such graphics enables clients to make informed business decisions says BIS2 development team leader, Jeremy Banks.

Banks makes the point that there's a number of advantages to the company's development team being based in the capital, even though its competitors can have up to 1000 developers.

"Some of them can't believe how good our product is, and how we achieve it with the team that we have," he says.

That flying under the radar aspect is something BIS2 needs to address as it looks to expand and grow in the next stage of its expansion.

"Nobody knows about us here," he says.

"But we're really exciting, with great technology; if more people knew about us it would really make my job easier. For our own, selfish, development team perspective, we need a public face here to attract people to something that's a load of fun."

Time for BIS2 to stop flying under the radar

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