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Wellington Small Business Group relaunch lmage

The Wellington Small Business Group, an informal arrangement of shared interests, is to relaunch on August 23.

A limited tickets event at the Biz Dojo, 115 Tory St will see a snappier, more internet-connected WSBG says organiser Tony Henderson-Newport. The event is being sponsored by Collider, and refreshments provided by Moore Wilson, who will also be promoting its ‘Fresh Craft Beer’ range.

“We know we have to differentiate ourselves from some other very good business groups within Wellington, and one point of difference is we will focus on business growth and networking rather than technical skills that many of the digital-oriented meetups do,” he says.

“There is a synergy and strength we want to create by fostering an environment where, by helping other businesses, we also help ourselves. We intend to learn and grow better, together.”

“If we don’t achieve those objectives and be a valuable interaction for our members, we will, quite rightly, shut up shop.”

Tony says WSBG founder Antonia Haythornthwaite’s efforts helped the group achieve significant traction when it first started over six years ago. The growth of her company Engage HR means the timing is perfect for a change in WSBG momentum.

WSBG intends to be more of a hub where members gain insights into business sectors and best practice, as well as a forum where people can air their future needs and challenges and ask whether others can assist.

“We want people to leave WSBG meetings, to be held every six weeks or so, having learned something new,’” says Tony.

“People will also have the time and opportunity because of the size of our group to meet new businesses at every meeting.”

The speakers for the evening have both appeared on TedX.

Jody, Bop and Sarah from CoLiberate, and Irene from Prepare will speak at the meeting which opens at 5.30pm on August 23, to properly begin at 5.45pm.

“Tickets are limited, and those wishing to attend should book early through Meetup to avoid disappointment,” says Tony.

“More information is available through Facebook Groups and the Wellington Small Business Meetup Group. Again though, we encourage people to sign up to attend now. The Biz Dojo has limited capacity, and once we reach that, we’ll have to put up a fullhouse notice.”

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