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Not being a digital native, sticK has a fair bit of a challenge keeping up with changes happening in the real and virtual worlds.

Heck, my mobile phone’s a dumb one, and Facebook is constantly reminding me to check back in.

However, sticK’s well aware that there’s a tonne of change occurring – for which’ keeping TABS’, by Britain’s Canvas 8 group is such god send.

TABS – trends + anthropology + behaviour + strategy is, as the 32 page document describes itself, a biannual summary of the most important global changes impacting people’s attitudes and behaviour.

NZ merino wool clothing company Icebreaker makes the cut under ‘Informed Consumerism’ for its special tag dubbed the ‘Baa-code’, that lets people look up the location of the flock the wool came from.

As befits the parent organisation, a self-described independent behavioural insights agency, it has split its 29 TABS into emerging, developing and static.

The headings are:

• Being+
• Conscience Confusion
• Byegender
• Life as an Enterprise
• Identify Games
• Public and Private
• Serendipidity
• Impermanence
• Living the Dream
• Visual Democracy

• Brand Me
• Codes of Conduct
• Collaborative Living
• East/West
• Hyperawareness of Health
• Informed Consumerism
• Neo-Tribalism
• Privacy and Control
• Sustainable Capitalism
• True Stories

• Rising social conscience
• Natural mindset
• Social participation
• Slow
• Simple interfaces
• Blended reality
• Mass customisation
• Attention economy
• Hyperlocalisation

This has been a document that I’ve read two or three times now. As a way of understanding the mass of fashions, keeping TABS is wonderfully succinct and illustrative.

It has already provided enough ‘ah ha’ moments for me to deserve a plug.

keeping TABS editor, Debbie Evans, invites readers to prod it, scribble on it, pass it around.

So, here it is.

What’s going on in the world…..keeping TABS

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