What is sticK?

sticK is a vehicle around, in its very loosest sense, innovation and commercialisation – usually with a technical, scientific or high technology bent.

In the first instance it is a blog on the general scene within New Zealand and sometimes overseas – government, organisations, interesting reports, global and/or consumer insights.

In the second it is examples of individuals and companies attempting to turn an idea into income, that have captured my interest. (Please note, those featured have not paid me, the companies are those that for whatever sometimes trivial reason, garnered my attention).

Finally, sticK is a means to promote my wider communications consultancy – Punchline – Messages that Matter.

Punchline tells stories, simplifying what is sometimes complex scientific and technical information.

Punchline specialises in helping customers create their own brand names and taglines – the shortest, most difficult to ‘nail’ story of them all

Feel free to contact me.