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Very good, but where is the customer service bit asks Rick Boven about the Ministers' recent announcement of the CRIs statements of core purpose (SCP)?

The director of the New Zealand Institute says that the SCP of each CRI is a concise document with very good content, but has some questions about "what's not there."

He says that up till now the CRIs haven't "established a strong reputation for being easy to deal with. It would be helpful to make it clear that they are service organizations, or not.."

It should be clear whether they are expected to provide service to customers or to help build successful businesses and industries. If they are not going to be service organisations then they should be required to consider how they can best contribute to economic success.

Boven would also like to see the CRIs aspiring to be world-class. There's no benchmarking or performance criteria in the SCPs he says.

Boven also notes a lack of reference to basic or fundamental research. This may be signaling that universities are to carry out the basic research, but he questions how far such a pendulum should swing.

Are CRI statements of core purpose customer-oriented enough - NZ Institute?

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