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Its fortunes took a tumble with the global recession, but Dunedin-based robotic and automated production systems maker Scott Technology is bouncing back. The NZ Herald reports Scott's acquistion of Onehunga-based Rocklabs, with manufactures mineral analysis equipment used by the mining industry was also hit by the downturn. Last year Scott spent $7 million a year on R&D, and will invest a similar amount next year. The full story is here:

Making miniaturised transmitters to be implanted in laboratory animals used in biomedical research is the basis of Telemetry Research's business. The NZ Herald reports on the business spun out of the University of Auckland, which is able to wirelessly transmit information such as heart rate and blood pressure to a remote server. The company is still searching for its Holy Grail, a device to collect human physiological data. The full story is here:

Martin Aircraft, the personal jetpack company is after a serious dollop of cash to advance its prototypes and begin its sales in earnest. The NZ Herald outlines the challenges its chief exective, Richard Lauder is having to attract the outside investment needed. The company's after venture capital funding; but that is in short supply in New Zealand and the rest of the world. The full story is here:

Robotics company better, miniaturised transmitter basis of business, Jetpack looking for takeoff - weekend roundup

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