The two-word description and the one-page explanation

The truism is true – less is more.

And though it may appear to be counter-intuitive, there is a good reason I promote:

  • the two-word description
  • the one-page explanation

The two-word description

Once someone knows the name of your company or organisation, the next question usually is, “what do you do”. This is another way of asking, what is your story. All stories have a name.

The name of the story should be as short as possible. It should distil the essence of the business. That way:

  1. Some is more likely to remember and repeat it
  2. You provide yourself with a start point to tell the bigger story

To repeat: two-words = distilled essence

The one-page explanation

One page is all that should be required to give someone a feel or snapshot of a project, product, sales pitch or investment proposal.

Everything beyond the one-pager is an appendix.

A one-page explanation delivers core ‘truths’. In the vast majority of situations, you don’t have enough of other peoples’ time to state more than one page allows.

There’s also the underlying fact that when it comes to presenting any document, customers, clients, partners or investors aren’t evaluating what’s put in front of them.

They’re evaluating you.

The purpose of a one-page explanation is to continue the discussion. Everything else is noise.

You’ll find more, (and less!) on this subject at my main business website, Punchline – Messages that matter 

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(Need a hand – give me a yell)

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